• M12 is a digital matrix provided with 12 inputs, 8 outputs and 8 antilarsen and DSP with ability to integrate into any new or existing sound system.

• M12 has 12 input equalizers, automatic opening system for microphones, 8 output equalizers, 8 antilarsen with different algorithm (one for each output), gate and delay control.

• M12 is the evolution of M6 designed for those with high demands in audio and want to get maximum performance in speech intelligibility and sound pressure. When it is required to manage more signals and send them to multiple outputs processing delays and equalizers, M12 is an indispensable tool.

• M12 is a device that allows to obtain an excellent speech intelligibility in any environments where it’s installed, increasing the audio system efficiency and the sound pressure.

• M12 is configured at installation time by PC with proprietary software.

• M12 is supplied in 2 unity standard rack and with preset recall panel included.

• M12 is easy to manage for the customer.