M6 is a digital matrix provided with 6 inputs, 4 outputs, 4 antilarsen and DSP with ability to integrate into any new or existing sound system.

• M6 has 6 input equalizers and 4 output equalizers, gate and delay.

• M6 is a new equipment produced by Fulgor Service that plugs into the high range of the audio market, when you need to manage multiple signals and distribute them to multiple outputs processing delays, equalizations, antilarsen, noise gate and presets.

• M6 is a tool that allows you to get a good speech intelligibility in any environment where it is installed, increasing the efficiency of the audio system and increasing the SPL.

• M6 is configured at installation time using a PC with proprietary software.

• M6 is supplied in 1U standard rack and provided with a recall presets panel.

• M6 is easy to manage for the final customer.